Shou Sugi Ban Tiger
A Vertical View Of Deep Char Siding And The Roofline Of A Bend, Oregon Home.Deep Char Cedar Siding Juxtaposed Next To A TreeA Section Of Siding That Has Been More Heavily Brushed, Revealing More Grain And Wood ColorA Detailed View Of A More Heavily Brushed Section Of Charred SidingDeep Char Siding With A Red Painted Elbow BracketThe Texture And Char Pattern of Deep Char Cedar SidingThe Sheen and Iridescence of Deep Char Cedar SidingCharred Wood Siding Next To Recycled Corrugated Steel Siding.Shou Sugi Ban EbonyShou Sugi Ban GatorShou Sugi Ban GatorShou Sugi Ban GatorShou Sugi Ban GatorShou Sugi Ban GatorShou Sugi Ban SilvertipShou Sugi Ban SilvertipShou Sugi Ban SilvertipShou Sugi Ban TigerShou Sugi Ban TigerShou Sugi Ban TigerShou Sugi Ban EbonyShou Sugi Ban EbonyShou Sugi Ban SilvertipShou Sugi Ban SilvertipShou Sugi Ban SilvertipShou Sugi Ban TigerShou Sugi Ban TigerShou Sugi Ban Midnight

CharWood Siding – “Shou Sugi Ban”

Our CharWood Siding – “Shou Sugi Ban” is one of our two flagship products (the other being our CharWood Fencing). Our CharWood Siding comes in five different finishes – Midnight, Ebony Char, Silvertip, Sage, and lightest “Tiger” Char.

Select the level of char that brings out the desired black, gray, silver, and brown tones to achieve your desired aesthetic. Consider also the underlying color of the doug fir or cedar. The charring technique adds beauty and character to the underlying wood and the finish can work in many different design modalities by varying the degree of burn.

Click on this image to view the five color options:

Shou Sugi Ban Samples

For more detailed info on this product, see the full description below.

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Product Description

1) Char Finish:
It’s hard to find words that do justice in describing our CharWood finish. It is both unique and beautiful in its aesthetic and practical in its properties. Really the best thing to do is to browse through the numerous photos we have in order to get an idea of the variation in color and tonality. We recommend reading our Frequently Asked Questions for more specifics about the performance and character of the finish. Furthermore, we are happy to ship you out a sample so that you can hold it in your hand and really see how the finish looks and feels. We only charge a small fee to cover the shipping costs – please fill out this form to request a sample.

2) Dimensions and Styles:
Doug Fir and Cedar are available in many different widths, lengths, grades, and styles. We have access to many different profiles and dimensions. Our standard offerings include Square Edge, Channel Rustic, Shiplap, Tongue and Groove, and Square Edge Lap. We are currently only manufacturing on a custom order basis. Please contact us with the specifics of your project, and we will be happy to email or talk with you on the phone in order to get you a custom quote for your project and your needs.

3) Properties of Cedar and Doug Fir:
Cedar siding is a very traditional North American cladding, and it stands out for its beauty and timeless appeal. Cedar is naturally resistant to damage from UV and weather, insects, rot, decay, and fire due to its high tannin content (the compound that makes it red). Furthermore, since Cedar is a softwood, its lighter weight allows for easier handling and installation.

Doug Fir is another good option for siding, as it is an extremely structurally strong wood that with our CharWood finish and proper maintenance can last for a long time.

Both cedar and fir are available in numerous custom styles, grades, and widths. Commonly used knotty and clear sidings are available which can affect the price and finished appearance. We are able to custom order a variety of styles and then apply our CharWood finish based on your project requirements.

Our CharWood Siding comes with a clear penetrant sealer applied and can be installed without any additional finish. The sealer we use, Seal-Once™, is a high-performance, toxin-free, water-based sealer that exceeds current and future eco-requirements. By incorporating sub-micron particles a unique latticework is formed allowing the product to sink deep below the surface. As it cures it forms an interior film that prevents water from infiltrating the surface. Seal-Once™ is non-toxic, water-based, and zero-VOC.

Location, weather, and UV exposure all play a factor in determining durability, but you can rest easy knowing that our CharWood finish is thoroughly protecting the already-durable cedar or doug fir, and you should expect your charred wood siding to last for a long, long time.

4) Production Lead Time And Shipping:
Since we produce material on a per-project basis, we typically need about 5-8 weeks of lead time. Freight shipping typically takes 1-2 weeks depending on your location.

Shipping is quoted on a per project basis due to location and size of order. The order will shipped on pallets and will require a dock with a forklift. Please email us with specifics about your charred siding order and we can develop a custom shipping quote specific to your project and location.

5) Minimum Purchase Quantity:
Our minimum order size is 600 sq ft. If you have a smaller project, a surcharge will be added. Please email us with your project details for further information.

6) Trim and Fascia:
Often with charred wood materials trim and fascia can be utilized to create beautiful accents or contrasts with the charred materials. Please ask us about trim and fascia options.

7) Installation:
Our charred wood products install with the same techniques as the traditional siding materials. Coated or stainless steel fasteners rated for outdoor use with Doug Fir or Cedar are recommended, as is using proper protective gear when cutting or installing charred wood products. We recommend consulting with your local siding or fencing contractor to discuss the best practices of installation in your region. Charred Wood LLC and our associates are not liable for any installation defects or details of our materials.

8) Affordability:
The unique aesthetic, character, and durability of charred wood siding are all excellent reasons to choose it as a material for your project, but when you really look at the economics of it, you will find that it is actually extremely affordable as well. In many cases, using our charred wood instead of painted/stained wood siding, or another siding material can actually be significantly cheaper over the long run.

With traditional painted siding, you have the cost of the siding, installation costs, paint and painting costs, and then repainting again every 10 or so years. With CharWood Siding, you have the cost of the material, the cost of installation (which should be the same as installing traditional siding), and very low maintenance costs for up to 80 years.

We encourage you to run the numbers on your specific project to come up with an actual price comparison. Please contact us with your project details for a quote on CharWood siding.

9) Warranty:
Due to the natural aspect of our materials and the variables in application and usage we are not able to offer a warranty on our materials. Typically a 12% overage is factored into and order so that unwanted character can be sorted out during installation on the job site, much like you would do with a wood floor. Natural wood products can have high variance in character, knots and grain pattern. In no way are Charred Wood LLC or our associates responsible for variance in the natural character of the wood materials. Please specify your project requirements and review all sample options prior to finalizing your order.

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