At CharredWood.com our goal is to combine new-school technology with old-school time tested charred wood materials.  We are old-school in the art of charring wood to last many decades without the need for maintenance.  Traditionally called ‘Shou Sugi Ban,’ the Japanese art of charring wood is hundreds of years old, and to this day withstands the test of time.  We are new-school in that we are an internet based business rooted in the efficiency of cutting out the middle man and selling directly from manufacturer to consumer, offering you the highest quality charred wood siding and fencing direct, at wholesale prices.  Our ease of ordering and getting you samples is unparalleled.

Our Pacific Northwest (PNW) based business offers many price benefits to our clients.  The PNW is the heart of the timber industry and we benefit because we do not need to ship wood materials to us and then re-shipping them out to the consumer because the raw wood material is at our back door.

The local economy in the PNW also provides us with a major advantage in getting you the best product at the best price.  Our affordable land and labor prices allow us to produce a product at an unbelievable pricing advantage.   Furthermore, with only focusing on charring a few types of wood we gain efficiency, and do not have a lot of the added costs that other “custom” manufacturers add in without you knowing.

Finally, the natural beauty and peace of mind our product offers is at the core of our business.  Our low to no maintenance solution for your fence or the exterior of your house will save you money for years and years, not to mention the extra time and money you will get to spend with your loved ones – or in that hot tub you have always wanted for your backyard.

Charred cedar shiplap siding

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